High Desert ESD

Student Success

HDESD Mission Statement:

Improve student outcomes with Excellence, Equity and Efficiency

HDESD Student Success Priorities:

  • All learners will be taught by highly-skilled teachers in schools
    led by high-skilled administrators.
  • All schools and districts will have access to the critical resources
    and supports necessary to improve teaching and learning.
  • All learners will attend, and regularly engage in safe, inclusive schools
    leading to success now, graduation later, and future well-being.
  • All districts will receive support in navigating the complex/changing landscape of regional, state and federal education grants and initiatives.
  • All learners will have access to a continuum of CTE and STEM experiences within a framework of career awareness, exploration, preparation, and training (PK-12) leading to high wage, in demand careers.

Support Services

Framed by a commitment to excellence and equity, the Student Success Team strives to improve student experiences and outcomes and increase safety, significance and belonging for all through the following supports. 

Shay Mikalson

Chief Student Success Officer

We support Central Oregon’s development, implementation, and evaluation of Oregon’s Student Success Act–which passed in May, 2019–representing a historic investment in Oregon’s education system, bringing approximately $1 billion additional annual funding to Oregon schools and early childhood programs.




Rochelle Williams

Regional Director of
School Improvement


We strive to support the improvement of student achievement by providing technical assistance, professional development, community engagement, and systems support.

Jim Boen

Regional Director of Mental & Behavioral Health

We train and support educators in providing a safe, welcoming, trauma-informed climate where students are able to learn to their potential.

Brook Rich

Regional Director of Career and Technical Education and STEM

We provide students of all ages with the academic and technical skills, knowledge, and training necessary to succeed in future careers and to become lifelong learners.